Learning to love yourself

Looks like I am a step ahead from the zero-to-hero team as I’ve already posted some content for today, but to fit in the zero-to-hero community I will post this one I had written some time ago, on December 19th.

It was the first time the thought of having my own blog, popped into my head. I got inspired after finding out about the red pill awareness on the internet and following few blogs I started to be tempted to comment and share my thoughts on the matter. It is an entire new philosophy for me and while I can agree with most of the stuff there is still lot more that doesn’t seem to fit in my current life or society that I live in. I was quite confused and my brain was overflowed with a lot of thoughts and still is. That’s why I am keeping that post in its original form. I am not going to edit anything. Here we go:


“You can travel the world but you can’t run away from the person you are in your heart. You can be who you want to be, make us believe in you, keep on your light in the dark. In searching for truth you must look in the mirror and make sense of what can you see… Just be.”

It’s one of my favorite tracks, created by the, how I (and many others I would say), would like to call, the God of Trance – Tiesto. Just be. A personal anthem. I used to listen to it whenever I felt down, unmotivated, disappointed. Tonight was the case. Ѕo I put on my headphones, dive into my thoughts, singing it in myself together with many of the “red pill” thoughts flowing through my mind and I came to perfectly understand the meaning of this one line:

“They say learning to love yourself is the first step that you take when you want to be real.”

Isn’t the red pill awareness also about this – wanting to be real?

And what does it mean? To be real? Does one individual become real simply from the moment that he swallows the red pill… Or does he slowly become real, by digesting the pill into his system? Letting it flow through his blood. Getting to the brain. And while we are at it, we must mention the alpha vs beta and lower rank males discussion. I am a beta guy at the moment, that’s for sure. But I have swallowed the red pill. Or at least, I have it in my mouth. I might be afraid to swallow it yet. Whatever the case be. How precisely do you define an alpha male? Is it a status? Is it a position? Is it a behavior, an attitude? What is it? Because, on this journey I’d like to mold a character. It’s not all about getting laid and having mindless sex. I take it also as a journey to discover yourself. To dig deeper into your brain and find out about all the treasures and potential hidden in there. To become “the strongest version of yourself” – words from another wise guy, Elliott Hulse.

Finding your passion, first and most important.

What are we without it? Mindless zombies.

“Only until we’ve lost everything, we are free to do anything.” – Tyler Durden

You don’t have to feel this on your skin, but if you analyze the phrase, you’ll realize how true it is. And how demanding of you it is to find out what you really want to do in your life.

Keeping your close family together.

“The circle of your family is the first that you get to meet. That’s the circle that connects you with your ancestors, the place where you start your journey in the world that surrounds you and join every other circle of your existence. Through that circle you exist in the future. With your family, you share your laughter and cry, ups and downs. In it you feel secure… whatever you’d feel, wherever you’d be – your family will know and they will love you.” – wise words  from my mom

I was raised by my mother. My father was there for me all the time, but he’s different. We didn’t get to bond too much. There, the blue pill mentality in some way. But I developed other characteristics that way, and how I’d like to believe, at least didn’t get any negatives out of anyone else. Like my mom always had to say when I was young. Be nice.


Be kind.

Being nice is blue pill mentality. Don’t be nice. But be kind, with whoever stranger you might meet. You haven’t walked in their shoes to act like a total douche-bag or “perfect” smart-ass. You name it. A little kindness goes a long way.

Change your bad habits. That’s how real you want to be. Or at least I want to be. Waking up early, replacing unimportant, unnecessary activities with useful ones, staying focused on the job, whatever it might be, etc… Cause all that pent up time you lost doing “things”, you can use it in a different way on becoming the strongest version, the alpha-male, the red pill consumer.


Some of the ideas that jumped in my mind at the moment. Something I’d like to have developed for the time being, and for the next time I get in front of the mirror and make sense of what I can see. There’s of course a lot more to developing the “perfect” character. Keep it real.


More to come…

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I said it earlier, I am not a writer. At least not for now, so I will try to keep my posts short and concise. Here’s something I’d like you to think about. It has to do with laziness, with unwillingness. procrastination… it is self-affirmation. I tend to focus at all the negative things, and forget about the positive things and the power of the Law of Attraction, but more for that in another topic.

At this period of my life, due to my past dealings with things, I have a very bad sleep hygiene. That’s a set of guidelines to assure a restful and effective sleep during the night. I don’t have it. I don’t have regular bed times, I wake up at different times and for that I have to take several naps during the day which aren’t much of a help. So I get unmotivated a lot, because I can’t really focus on the things that I have to do in order to be successful at reaching my goals.

“Small steps lead into big results.”

Instead of giving my self affirmation tips for doing little things, I focus at empowering my fear of falling asleep, being lazy or having low will power. From now on, I will try to give myself affirmations for the things I do and in the same time not leaving free room to do the things I am not supposed to. Here’s something that happened to me, few days before New Year’s Eve. My car broke while I had things to do in town. I called my uncle to help me out with my desperate try to put up the engine at work and instead, he offered me a ride. Immediately after I entered the car, he was like: “1-0″ And I was confused, but then my sister called me, she just arrived on the bus station and needed a lift. I rejected her, but like he is to me, he is uncle to my sister as well. So we went to pick her up first, and then continue with my thing. Once she entered the car,  my uncle stated: “2-0″

The point is, he was playing a game with his tasks. Either planned ahead or randomly occurred, he did not choose to let them win by activating his laziness or saying that he could not do it.

So as of today, I am winning at my tasks. And I want you to win as well. Wake up early, 1-0. Do some daily activity, 2-0. Write something for your blog, that would be 3-0. And so on…
At 10 points, I might reward myself with a power nap, but remember to get up in 20 minutes for 11th point or I lose the match.

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Who am I? Why am I here?

I find this difficult to start with. The reason maybe, I was never a good writer, or that English is not my native language, or the complexity of my brain as in random thoughts flowing through it, you name it. But I have to do it, as I’ve been promising to myself for months now, that eventually I will. I will start a blog, and successfully publish a story, share an idea, or post an insight on what’s going on in my life, on the journey to becoming a better man.

A little background… I’m not a boy. Not yet a grown man. With the words of the not so popular these days, Mrs. Spears. Right there, in the middle. Until now. I’ve decided to change. I must change. It’s not that I fear change, but I live in a society where changes are not very welcomed. And I’ve been on this “change rollercoaster” for quite a while. Wanting to change, starting to change, giving up change… why? Because I wanted to be accepted. No more. I am in my early 20’s and I must change for better and live by my own rules and personal beliefs. I am not a philosopher, but I tend to do so… I am a universal player. I like and do different activities. Have several different choices, opinions, behaviors, attitudes. There is too much going around that one day I believe, it will shape into the best version of my self. And while best is hard to define, I believe I will be getting better and better with each day passed.

As for the blog itself, I believe it will shape into a solid platform by the end of this year, with a wide variety of topics to talk about and of a decent amount of followers that contribute to the creating and maintaining of the blog, spreading the message, and making consistent progress in the personal development of myself and followers themselves.

In the end, I’d like to wish for each one of you to have a fantastic new year and make it work for you in ways even you couldn’t imagine about (positively of course).

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